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Digital Estate is a platform that supports specialist real estate in speeding up and keeping up to date with tech innovation. We find, create and integrate digital solutions that solve your problems and fit your business goals.

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Time has come for real estate to catch up with the tech revolution. The progress of the largest and most important asset class in the world depends on its ability to embrace innovation, but developers & operators have long been encountering far too many obstacles on their way to modernise real estate industry processes. Digital Estate is removing the obstacles and making the path clear for specialist real estate businesses to thrive.

We have seen many companies struggle to adopt the latest technologies in real estate. The reasons are usually a mix of lack of technical knowledge & access to the right resources, fear of transitioning into new processes & wasting time and often a harmful habit of sticking to old tech solutions for too long.

Specialist real estate has no more reasons to fear embracing tech innovation. Digital Estate is here to make it simple: we find, create and integrate the solutions that fit your business’ needs.

How? We are backed by the expertise of over a decade of service within specialist real estate & innovation. Moved by the industry’s need for modernisation and knowledgeable tech services, we have already started developing ready to go solutions for specialist real estate. Our history enables us to understand tech providers as well as the industry’s pain points and conciliate both.

Digital Estate empowers specialist real estate in digital transformation. We match your business demands with the right tech products & services, supporting you throughout the process.

At Digital Estate, digital transformation is for everyone. Bring your business to the new era.


Digital Estate is a venture managed by SPX Studio and powered by Spatial Experience.

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