March 9, 2021

The Birth of Digital Estate

The technological and knowledge gap of the real estate industry ignited the idea for an innovative platform that could simplify the adoption of complex solutions. Digital Estate was brought to life to cut the clutter and empower specialist real estate in digital transformation processes.

An idea is an autonomous thought ignited by a longing to solve a problem, to improve what is ineffective by forging a new path or fabricating a novel tool. Above all, an idea is a desire to innovate. To understand how the idea for Digital Estate came about it is necessary to first look at the fundamental shift happening in the real estate industry at this precise moment.

Historically, the largest and most important asset class in the world has been reluctant to embrace innovation. In the last few years, digital technology has started a revolution among real estate businesses by offering considerable enhancements in productivity, efficiency and customer satisfaction. The PropTech boom has fundamentally changed the way we acquire, market and manage properties.

The signs of an ongoing digital revolution within the sector were already evident before the pandemic. Tech-savvy millennials, who now represent a significant consumer base in the industry, have been driving technological advancements for over a decade. Moreover, the rise of technology-powered concepts based on shared economy such as coworking and coliving helped pushing real estate players to become inventive and embrace digitalisation.

This is the time for Digital Transformation in Real Estate

When following capital flows, the much awaited tech transformation hitting the sector becomes evident: investments in real estate tech companies worldwide reached a staggering $31.6B in 2019, a figure that more than doubles the amount of investment placed in the sector in 2018, as reported by the research firm CREtech. Even though 2020 saw a 25% drop in investment in PropTech by venture capitals, the figures are still overwhelmingly positive considering the circumstances. The pandemic did more than just accelerating the adoption of new digital solutions. Data-driven real estate decisions, remote property management, virtual tours… the search for all kinds of technologies to support real estate skyrocketed in 2020. The COVID-19 crisis has pushed even the most outdated industry to turn into digital products & services to survive.

The obstacles to overcome

The tech revolution in real estate was an imperative long before the pandemic. Businesses have always struggled to adopt innovative solutions for reasons such as lack of technical knowledge & access to the appropriate resources, fear of transitioning into new processes & wasting time and often a harmful habit of sticking to old solutions for too long. Furthermore, companies lacked specialised support to help them overcome these obstacles. The overwhelming tech & knowledge gap of the real estate industry ignited the idea for an innovative platform that could cut the clutter and simplify the adoption of complex solutions. From this idea, Digital Estate was brought to life.

Digital Estate: filling the gap

Digital Estate was born out of real estate’s needs to keep up with its own growth. In today’s world, embracing digital transformation has become the only path forward for businesses, however the journey may be hard to follow without experienced support. Digital Estate is ready to empower specialist real estate in digital transformation processes.

To remain competitive, real estate businesses need to integrate digital solutions that facilitate  managing and monitoring every step of real estate developments and automatise day-to-day operations,  minimising mistakes and increasing operational efficiency. Through Digital Estate, developers & operators in the specialist real estate sector now have a knowledgeable supportive platform that is able to assess which of the latest digital solutions best fits their needs. When faced with a problem that is not addressed by the products & services currently in the market, Digital Estate is able to design & develop bespoke solutions to empower clients in reaching their goals.

Backed by a track record of over a decade in servicing specialist real estate companies through innovation, Digital Estate has an unique expertise that enables the platform to understand tech providers as well as the industry’s pain points and conciliate both.

Ready to join the real estate tech revolution?

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