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The time for Digital Transformation is now.

PropTech is reaching its momentum thanks to the market maturity and desire of Commercial Real Estate to digitalise. Despite the rising amount of PropTech solutions, real estate companies still struggle with adoption of new technologies in their daily operations.


What is Digital Estate?

Digital Estate is a platform dedicated to facilitate the best in class digital solutions and technologies for real estate.

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February 14, 2022
How to enhance online brand awareness
Marketing your coliving brand is not just a top-of-the-funnel process; with the wide array and accessibility of high quality digital marketing solutions, your efforts can become interwoven from the start of the customer journey to even beyond its end point.
October 11, 2021
How to program a future-proof coliving space for tech savvy generations?
With an aspiration to build a new coliving product or open a new location, architects, designers and other stakeholders face a challenging task – to create a functional space that will be relevant in two, three and hopefully ten years from now on; ideally, a space that can surpass an anticipated lifetime.
September 15, 2021
How to Use Technology to Foster Communities and Facilitate Connection to the Neighbourhood
There has never been a time when technology has had so much to offer with regards to operational excellence. In coliving, it is critical to take advantage of the myriad of tools available to create the most human-centred experiences possible within and around the community.
April 19, 2021
How to create a Lead Magnet and automate Lead Generation
In this insightful article we are going to define the optimal creation of a lead magnet and the ideal set up for automatic lead generation for any real estate business turning into digital. The theory will then be applied to the exemplary case study of Coliving Insights.
April 12, 2021
Digital Transformation in Shared Living should not be complex
Digitalisation is transforming everything, and with real estate being the largest asset class in the world, it is inevitably at the heart of the revolution. In this piece we describe a variety of elements that a successful coliving business must take into account when selecting and implementing a truly experience-changing technology for all stakeholders involved.
March 9, 2021
The Birth of Digital Estate
The technological and knowledge gap of the real estate industry ignited the idea for an innovative platform that could simplify the adoption of complex solutions. Digital Estate was brought to life to cut the clutter and empower specialist real estate in digital transformation processes.
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